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This website concerns Grünenthal’s corporate image. It provides information on the Grünenthal Group, Grünenthal GmbH and its affiliates. The information presented/provided on the website about the company, its products and respective indications is directed at job applicants, journalists, patients and medical staff. The contents of the website are compiled by an in-house editorial team and are for information purposes only. The editorial team do not have any medical expertise. There is no promotional marketing of the website or support from sponsors. This web site does not accept any form of advertising. It does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content. Neither do we accept any funding from institutions, hospitals, or anyone else related to the healthcare profession.


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Product information

This is a UK Website, the information contained therein may not be applicable to your country. Physicians should note the nationally applicable specialist information. This can be found on the Internet sites of Grünenthal's local organizations. Products which are named may, under certain circumstances, not be available in all countries, or may be known under relevant country-specific designations.
Our Internet sites may contain information regarding medical topics and therapeutic measures. This information must not be used in diagnosing a health problem or a disease, as this should not and cannot be used as a substitute for the instructions issued by a physician carrying out treatment or a dispensing chemist. In each individual case, sensible medical advice necessitates a personal discussion with a trained physician, a physical examination and, under certain circumstances, other diagnostic measures.

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