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My Pain Feels Like

Henry - My pain feels like “A Sunburn That Won’t Go Away”

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my pain feels like...

... a burning and stabbing pain

... severe sunburn that won‘t go away

... a fire under my skin

... it gets me upset and uncomfortable

Henry’s Patient Story

My name is Henry and I'm 60 years old. I run my own business and so I sometimes have to work long hours. I play squash and cricket regularly and go on hiking trips when I can. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a health fanatic, I try to stay healthy and watch what I eat.

Three years ago I needed to undergo a hernia repair operation, which I thought would only be a minor issue for me.

But ever since, I have had burning and stabbing pain around the area of the groin. It feels like having severe sunburn that won't go away, like a fire under my skin. I cannot sit for a long time or walk without pain.

The area is extremely sensitive to touch. This makes activities like getting dressed really painful, and the feeling of my clothes rubbing against my skin can be hard to tolerate. I consulted several doctors and was treated with a variety of medications and even with laser therapy. Nothing helps me in reducing the level of my pain significantly. This really upsets me and makes my life very uncomfortable, because it affects my ability to work and to do the things I enjoy.

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